What is Drunkling ?

1. A group of drunk people or friends that you or a person are taking care of. 2. A group of drunk people following each other around in a club.

India's Smallest Sizzling Pub

Welcome. We honestly believe you deserve more from your local pub; and its our job to give you just that.

We’re a friendly bunch and we pride ourselves on giving the warmest of welcomes. Where good food, drinks, great value and a generous servings of a variety of sizzlers are always on the menu.

Whether you are looking for a family meal out or want to hang out with a bunch of friends with a pint you’ll find that Drunkling Sizzler Pub best suits you.

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What our guests are saying...

Padmashree Palavalli
Padmashree Palavalli
5. March, 2022.
Have been enjoying their Sizzler for quiet sometime, they were known as Yana earlier. Missed it for sometime but happy to relish that authentic sizzler again. They have a variety of sizzlers in both veg and non veg with different sauces to choose from. Quantity is too good, infact its a little too much for one person. We have visited all the sizzler places in Bangalore and this is a must try place for all sizzler lovers.
om shanmukha
om shanmukha
5. March, 2022.
Amazing ambiance followed by good beer and tasty food....👍👍
namita sharma
namita sharma
4. March, 2022.
Yummy sizzlers.

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